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Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations'

"Meet the Board "

Thursday   -   April 16, 2015   -   7:00 pm

Special Guests:

Jackson Public Trust Members

To Our KFHA Members:


We would like to invite you to a special Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations' Board Meeting on April 16, 2015 (7:00 pm) at our "Little House", located at:

8625 SW 124 Avenue, across from the Regal Theater.

This is NOT the regular, public, Town Hall Meeting.


Normally, our Board Meetings are about KFHA business, future programs or some particular issue that concerns someone in the Community.  During our Board Meeting, we have what we call the "Open Forum", where anyone can come and speak with us.  When the Open Forum ends, the Meeting is private. 


At our upcoming Board Meeting, we are going to introduce a new concept called, "Meet The Board", where we invite special guests to come and present their issues to our Board Members.  The Board Members will then engage our guests with questions and focus on getting clear answers that sometimes can be "lacking" in a normal public presentation.  We will follow up "vague" answers with persistent questions until we do get those answers. 


On April 16th, members of the Jackson Public Trust will be addressing our Board.  Last year, our Community (with only 12% voting), decided to give Jackson Hospital about $850 MILLION DOLLARS from our tax dollars. 


What has happened to that money?

Did they really need it?

What projects have been completed? 

How do we know they are getting the best value for the dollars they spend?  Who watches them?


Please read Elaine de Valle's article to refresh your memory.  




We invite you to please come and watch the KFHA Board in action, and, after our questioning period, you will also be able to ask anything you would like of our guests as well.  


Join us April 16th at the KFHA's first, "Meet The Board".  See you there!!!


Michael Rosenberg

KFHA President

305-439-3571    (Please feel free to call with any questions.)

Kendall Village Center 'Civic Pavilion' ("Little House")

8625 SW 124 Avenue

(across from Regal Cinema box office)



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