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Police & Firefighter



Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations'

Town Hall Meeting  /  Police & Firefighters' Awards

    Thursday   -   November 5, 2015   -   7:00 pm




           Coral Gables Fire Truck                                                                                     Miami Police Car


November 5th, at 7:00 pm, will be a very special evening for our Kendall Community.  The Kendall Regional Medical Center, our amazing trauma hospital of the Southeast, along with the KFHA, will be sponsoring an evening where we honor our bravest of the brave ... those police officers and firefighters that risk their lives for us as they go about their daily jobs.  


The evening will feature officers from The Hammocks police station and the Kendall police station, as well as firefighters that have done incredible work ... for us.  There will be a recognition ceremony as we honor these amazing individuals.  Please come and hear their stories.  One day, the lives they save may be yours! 


Also, there is even more!  The Miami-Dade Police Dept. Director, J.D. Patterson, and the Miami-Dade County Fire Chief, Mr. Dave Downey, the County’s top brass, will be presenting these awards and answering questions from the Community.  


AND, there is even more.  When these awful situations occur and there are serious injuries, where do the police and firefighters take the victims?  We are so fortunate that The Kendall Regional Medical Center has some of the top trauma physicians in the country.  Dr. Orlando Morejon will also be our guest on this Evening of Thanks to explain what happens when decisions are made in seconds that will determine if someone lives or dies inside the ER.  


Please, join us for an evening where we can say thanks to those that work tirelessly doing everything possible to make sure our Kendall families have the best care and safety possible.  In November, the month of Thanksgiving, let’s all share some Thank You's with our Kendall heroes. 


See you on November 5th!!!

Michael RosenbergKFHA President

305-439-3571    (Please feel free to call with any questions.)

Kendall Village Center 'Civic Pavilion' ("Little House")

8625 SW 124 Avenue

(across from Regal Cinema box office)