Pets' Trust Miami is a citizens' initiative to improve animal welfare, increase adoptions and decrease overpopulation by providing free and low-cost spay/neuter, low-cost veterinary care and educational programs.  Miami-Dade County Animal Services receives up to 37,000 dogs and cats each year and on average, historically, 20,000 of these adoptable animals are killed.  More than 400,000 stray cats live on our streets.

Farm Share is a large-scale food bank and charitable packing house working to end hunger.  It specializes in getting donated fresh fruits and vegetables from Florida's farmers and putting it into the hands of the millions of low-income families in need of nutritious food.  If you are a philanthropist, a farmer or a volunteer wanting to get involved in solving issues of hunger, malnutrition and food insecurities, please contact: 

Highlighting work, every year, Farm Share.

Provides more than 15 million pounds of nutritious food to more than 600,000 low-income households across Florida.

Works with 500 community groups every day throughout Florida to help feed the hungry.

Gives more than 25,000 volunteer hours to help provide food and nutrition to our elderly, children, veterans and low-income families.