Meet the candidates who are running for

   Miami-Dade County Sheriff

   in the  August 20, 2024  Primary Election


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KFHA Presents "Meet The Sheriffs" 6-24-24 ... Entire Interview Here

(Please see candidate endorsements at bottom of page)























Endorsements   (alphabetical order)

Ignacio Alvarez:    Fraternal Order of Police (District 6)

John M. Barrow:    Scott Galvin (North Miami City Councilman)

Rosie Cordero-Stutz:   Carlos Gimenez; Juan Perez (former MDC Police Director);  Donald Trump;  Orlando J. Lopez

Ruamen J. DeLaRua:   Don Moreland (ret. Marion County Sheriff); Thomas Wilder (ret. Chief of Staff, Marion County Sheriff's Office); John Vowinkle (ret. Bureau Chief, Marion County Sheriff's Office); George Poulous (ret. Chief, MDC Parks); Julio Martinez (former Hialeah Mayor); Vincent Medel (President, Miami Springs Republican Club);  South Florida Veterans Organization

Mario Knapp:        HPOA of MDC

Rickey Mitchell:    T. Willard Fair (President & CEO of Urban League Miami)

James Reyes:       Mayor Daniella Levine Cava (Miami-Dade County Mayor); Shaquille O'Neal

John Rivera, Jr.:    Lori Parrish (former Broward County Commissioner); Bruce Kaplan (former MDC Commissioner); Chris Nocco (Pasco County Sheriff); Bill Snyder (Martin County Sheriff); Denis Ward (FL State Attorney); Fred Maas (Police Chief, Sunny Isles Beach); Luis Cabernets (Police Chief, Biscayne Park); Orlando Martinez (Police Chief, South Miami); Tom Hunker (Police Chief, Bal Barbour Beach); Sean Hemingway (Police Chief, Bay Harbor Island); Linda Loizzo (Police Chief, North Miami Beach); Matt Boyd (Police Chief, Miami Gardens); Ken Harms (Police Chief, City of Miami); Rudy Garcia (FL State Senator); Julio Robaina (FL State Representative; former Hialeah Mayor); Carlos Gonzalez, Sr. (Police Major, Head of Public Corruption); Juan Pancho Fernandez (Police Major, Commander of Community Service); Rhea Grossman (former Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge); Geoff Cohen (former Broward County Circuit Court Judge); Joe Matthews (former Miami Beach Police homicide detective); Ron Caccatore (ret. Police Officer); Natasha Sejias (former Miami-Dade County Commissioner); Dick Brickman (former Broward County PBA President); Jeff Marano (former Broward County PBA President); Brian Marvel (President, Peace Officers Research Association of California); Luis Melendi (father of slain daughter, Shannon Melendi)


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